35 Knitted Baby Blankets

35 Knitted Baby Blankets

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For the Nursery, Stroller, and Playtime
by Laura Strutt


From the first car journey to an outing in a buggy, a knitted blanket will accompany a baby wherever they go.

Laura Strutt has designed a teddy bear travel blanket that cleverly folds away into a pillow and a hooded wrap for keeping cozy in a sling. For the nursery there is a soft cot cover and a dungaree-style sleeping bag in breathable merino wool perfect for a peaceful night’s rest. For playtime, there’s a cotton backed blanket that can double up as a rug to take out and about and a tiny comforter blanket guaranteed to become baby's closest companion.

With beautiful yarns, simple techniques and stunning designs, there is a blanket here ready for you to make and for the new arrival to treasure for years to come.

Format - paperback, pages 128

Size - 235 x 215mm

Publisher Cico Books

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