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14 products


Hedgehog Fibres is an independent artisan yarn dyeing studio located in County Cork, Ireland. Beata Jezek founded Hedgehog Fibres in 2008 in response to the demand for her yarns from knitting friends, and now sells high-end yarn to customers and yarn stores in the USA, Asia, Europe, Australasia and the Pacific.

Convent & Chapel Wool Shop carries a great range of Hedgehog Fibres - both in bases and colours and we love to use them ourselves. Our biggest problem is to leave them in the shop rather than take them home and add them to our stash!


Hedgehog Fibres encourage their dyers to be creative and not just follow recipes. Potluck™ skeins are one of a kind skeins created by their artisan dyers under the watchful eye of Beata, who trains all the HHF dyers and oversees all colourway creations.

Potlucks are unique, special and never to be repeated. They are created in small dyelots, usually in lots of 4 to 10, but often just one or two. Once they sell, that's it! Potlucks are fun and spontaneous, always speckled or variegated and (almost) never semi-solid. Look out for these little gems! 

Custom Colours

A specially curated collected dyed exclusively for Convent & Chapel Wool Shop by Hedgehog Fibres as one of their major retailers.

The colours reflect our Mudgee Region and towns, The Convent (after which the shop was named which is also the home of the owner), The Chapel (a private Chapel in the Convent) and our heritage shop.

These Custom Colours are repeatable.