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Tukuwool was born from the love for wool. Also from the passion to create something new and unique - from wanting to give the world  a pure Finnish yarn – raised, spun and dyed in Finland. Knitting is in the center and how material and color works together. The yarns speaks from individuality, braveness and deep feelings.

The Tukuwool story began in the year 2014 as a one women hobby. Pauliina Hurme made amazing work and created a working international and Finnish yarn brand. TitiTyy bought the brand in April 2016. Now Tukuwool is growing into a strong international yarn brand. 

Tukuwool Fingering was the first yarn released and it’s production started in the autumn of 2016.  

Tukuwool's home is in Jyväskylä but the yarn is spun in Mikkeli and dyed in Hämeenkyrö. 100 % Finnish wool is the soul of the yarn.

"Since the very beginning it has been about the play with colors and joy of knitting. We want to spread the joy by being part of the knitting community. We work closely together with the top knitwear designers of the world."

Tukuwool yarns are made from pure 100 % Finnish wool - a blend of Finnsheep and Finnsheep-Texel crossbreed. The yarns are spun and dyed in Finland.