Easy Lace Knits

Easy Lace Knits

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Love the look of lace but think it's too complicated for the average knitter? Think again! With this book, Anniken Allis throws wide the door to lace for all knitters. Utilising simple, easy-to-learn lace patterns that fool the eye into thinking they are far more complex than they actually are, the patterns in this book are accessible to any knitter. Go ahead, give lace knitting a try! Includes 20 gorgeous lace patterns any knitter can do.

Love the look of lace but fear casting it on? Allis's 20 designs for shawls, tops, mitts and scarves may be just the antidote, as she starts at the very beginning--by defining lace as a simple series of increases and corresponding decreases. A stitch glossary of the various increase and decrease techniques is illustrated with photos so knitters can clearly see how each type contributes to the look of finished lace. Another novice-friendly feature of this book recognizes that knitters have different ways of understanding stitch patterns, and so Allis provides both written and charted versions for the lace stitches used. And because even experienced lace knitters can find it challenging to detect where their stitch count has gone awry, you'll find tips for ways to read your knitting and get your stitches back on track.

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