People Make Glasgow by Kate Davies

People Make Glasgow by Kate Davies

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People MAKE Glasgow: portrait of a creative city

What makes a city?

Glasgow is a place that has frequently remade itself and is being made right now by some extraordinarily creative people. At this point in time, when ideas of sustainability and slow process have taken on a new urgency in the context of the climate crisis; when global populations have begun to question the viability of continued, untrammelled growth and the excesses of consumer culture; and when every town and city has to ask itself how its high street could and should look in the future, it is heartening to discover that Glasgow’s enterprising, creative communities are full of interesting answers to these pressing contemporary questions. The diverse makers, small businesses, community ventures and social collectives featured in this exciting new book provide a glimpse of new paths that we might take, and suggest some different, more resourceful, ways of doing things.

This beautifully produced book celebrates Glasgow's thriving atelier economy in photographs and words

Tom Barr is a Glasgow-based photographer whose documentary work interrogates the relationship between work and place - celebrating the dignity, creativity and diversity of makers of all kinds.

Kate Davies is the author of books like Wheesht and Handywoman. Her writing explores many topics from disability and design to social and women’s history.

Sam Kilday has a multi-disciplinary background in Scotland’s creative industries, and conducted interviews for People MAKE Glasgow.

168pp. printed and made by Bell & Bain in Glasgow